Frequently asked questions


Q: The water bowl is not easy to remove.
A: In rare cases the small hole in the middle of the rubber valve inside the showerhead may have become blocked with coffee particles, preventing a rapid equalization of pressure. Give the TWIST sufficient time to release all pressure (sometimes as much as 5-10 minutes or more) and then thoroughly clean the showerhead and rubber valve.

Q: The water bowl lid has become difficult to open or close.
A: Apply a small amount of food safe lubrication to the gasket on top of the water bowl. Wipe away any extra lube to keep the area clean.

Q: An o-ring is not sealing the way it used to.
A: Replace the o-ring using one of the spares included with the TWIST.

Q: Water leaks through the water bowl when I fill it with hot water.
A: Time to do a deep clean as shown on page 17. Remove the showerhead from the water bowl and angle a small, flat tool under the o-ring (part #15-lower). Carefully pry the o-ring loose. The showerhead screen should fall out.
Rinse this with warm water and soap. Gently clean under the rubber valve and all other using soap and water. Thoroughly rinse and reassemble.

Q: The extraction seems fast and results in weak coffee. The coffee sometimes even overflows from the top of the bowl. What’s happening?
A: Usually this is caused by coffee that is too coarse. The freshness of the coffee and the humidity in the air can also effect the rate of flow. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Use a finer grind of coffee. Make adjustments toward the finer settings on your grinder. We recommend using a high quality burr grinder. Blade grinders cannot grind sufficiently fine. They also heat up the coffee in the grinding process, creating large variances in the flow rate of your espresso.
  • If you are having problems getting a fine enough grind, try using the coarse basket. If you rub a fine
    espresso grind between your fingers it will feel like flour mixed with a little salt.

Q: The extraction seems too slow, somewhat drippy and doesn’t provide a steady pour. It may even taste salty.
A: This is a slow extraction and it may be caused by several factors:

  • You may have dosed in too much coffee.
  • The grind setting may be too fine requiring a coarser grind of coffee to allow water flow.
  • The cartridge may be near or at the end of its pressure. (Try the shot counter feature!)
  • In rare cases, tamp pressure will change the flow rate. Be careful you are not tamping too hard. Use a bathroom scale and a tamper to test how hard you are pushing down on the coffee bed.

Q: When I use pods to make a cup of espresso the water shoots through very fast and the espresso is blond and very watery. What am I doing wrong?
A: You may be using the standard basket and standard showerhead. It is important that you use both
the pod basket and pod shower head in order to extract the coffee properly from a pod.

Q: When I use pods the espresso still comes out watery?
A: You may be pre-portioning too much water in the water bowl. Fill the water to the lower fill mark in the bowl when using pods.

Q: How do I know if there is sufficient gas left in the cartridge to make another shot of espresso?
A: You can make 4 double shots or 8 single shots of espresso from one cartridge. If you have lost track, remove the water bowl and while holding the TWIST away from you, give the trigger a quick squeeze to see if there is any pressure in the system. Gas will come out of the small o-ring on top of the handle and may be followed by a small amount of water spray. If you have pulled sufficient shots already, you will probably notice just a small amount of gas followed by the cartridge running out of pressure. If you get a good blast of gas coming from the small o-ring then you can probably make at least one more shot.

Q: Why does water occasionally leak out near the trigger during use?
A: This is due to condensation and is normal. Just wipe off the water and continue.

Q: Sometimes the espresso is not very hot when I make a shot. What can I do to make it hotter?
A: There are a number of things you can do to get consistent and proper water temperatures:

  • Pour hot water directly from your boiling kettle into the water bowl.
  • Preheat the cup or shot glass before use, but don’t fill to the top or you risk burning your lips. You can also run some of that hot water through the basket and spouts to ensure all components are
  • Preheat the water bowl in a similar fashion, fill it with boiling kettle water and dump the water after 15-20 seconds. Repeat if required. Cooler shots can taste a little sour, so the more heat you bring in at the start, (ranging from 197-204F at the point of extraction) the better opportunity you have for great espresso. If you need further help, call us on +1 408 770 8500 and talk to our support line.