MyPressi TWIST fan page

The MyPressi Twist is no longer made. I couldn’t find any information as to why the company is gone, but I still think this is the best value espresso maker in existence. So far, I had trouble finding chargers and spare parts, so I decided to create this website, at least to keep as much information online about this amazing machine as possible. I’m pretty sure, there are thousands of users, who are still using this phenomenal espresso maker.

While the company no longer makes these amazing coffee makers, the chargers are still available and are good quality.
I’ve found MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, which is a decent alternative to MyPressi (not the same!).

The MyPressi TWIST represents exceptional espresso at a remarkable price. With multiple-awards and tens of thousands of satisfied customers, the very affordable MyPressi TWIST will change the way you make coffee at home, the office and just about everywhere else.

mypressi TWIST v2

Download MyPressi TWIST user guide

Since it’s release in 2009, the TWIST has become a hit around the world. It is the first coffee machine to work everywhere from a remote coffee farm location (where farmers rely on it for testing the quality of their beans) all the way up to a fine-dining restaurant where it makes espresso, affogatos and more, with flair, at the table. It has gained the highest industry recognition and has become a useful part of the kit for many barista competitors.

The TWIST will change the way you make coffee at home, the office and just about everywhere else. We are so confident you’ll love the TWIST that if you are not 100% satisfied you can return it within 14 days for a full refund.

I’ve found an amazing website about coffee – Get Coffee Be Happy!

The TWIST includes:

  • MyPressi TWIST v2
  • standard and pressurized baskets and showerhead
  • ESE pod basket and showerhead
  • tamper
  • tamping mat
  • 4 gas cartridges
  • instruction manual
  • tote bag

UPDATED: If you are curious, what happened to this amazing coffee maker

Stephen O’Brien, CEO of Espressi Inc, and inventor of the MyPressi TWIST espresso maker:

Espressi (the company behind the MyPressi brand) was launched on the predicate of making multiple products targeting the high-end of espresso to prove the technology and then working downstream into broader markets with a range of products that target different price points and bring innovative and disruptive products to all aspects of the coffee industry. The roadmap included systems that work with the capsules from Nespresso and Keurig. Lack of funding and revenue prevented it from getting there.

The TWIST had fanatical support from espresso aficionados including many professionals and WBC championship winners, and our retail launch partner was the eponymous Intelligentsia. But high-end does not a market make for a $149 product. Maybe it should have been $600. Despite winning product of the year from the SCAA there were insufficient conversions from the industry. I can go into almost any good cafe in the world and the barista knows the MyPressi TWIST. They’ve heard of it, or know someone who has one, or they saw one somewhere else. But they didn’t buy it. We did also work on the mass market through numerous channels from Neiman Marcus to Macy’s to Williams Sonoma to ShopNBC, and also in some 30 countries.

Hammacher Schlemmer, the biggest catalogue in the US with about 3 million distribution featured the TWIST on its cover but the conversion rate was only 0.001% (skipping the maths–that’s about 300 units). It’s an unfortunate reality that a $149 product that produces espresso that experts rated as the equivalent of a $14,000 product could not win more customers despite huge mainstream press (NYT, Martha Stewart, Wired, Popular Mechanics and many many more) and noteworthy awards and support from industry insiders. If I counted the emails I’ve received complaining that $149 is too high a price, I suspect they would far exceed those who thought it fabulous a $149 machine could produce such good espresso.

So to sum it all up, the high end of the coffee market couldn’t provide sufficient sales to support the product at that price point, and I couldn’t close the funding to build the downstream products that were targeted at the middle market. Espressi became a victim of cashflow causality.

However, as the IP is intact, and the roadmap is solid, I do expect to be able to launch the new product range in the future, along with a MyPressi TWIST v3.


I don’t own the rights to this brand, I only own one MyPressi TWIST machine which is still working fine.

 I still think this is the best value espresso maker in existence.