Upgrading your TWIST

Posted by Stephen O'Brien on August 21, 2012 740 Comments

We're very pleased to announce a brand new service for all current users of the mypressi TWIST with new service centers in San Jose, California and Sydney, Australia.

The TWIST is quite a complex product internally, and depending on the level of use and other factors it can require maintenance now and then to overcome various issues such as a loss of pressure, slow leaks, a sticking trigger and so on. The engine components have been under a process of constant improvement since it was first released to resolve these issues. So that everyone can now get access to the latest refinements we are offering an upgrade service for every TWIST ever sold.

During the upgrade we remove and disassemble the engine and gas flow control system, upgrade o-rings and machine other components to the latest specifications, and thoroughly relubricate all components. The remanufactured engine is then thoroughly tested and reinstalled in your original handle. We finish off the upgrade by covering your TWIST in the very latest handle covers.

This upgrade will bring your TWIST's pressure system back to a state that equals or exceeds the original factory condition, and will keep it working in peak performance.

The total service fee includes a 3 month warranty. Typical turnaround times are usually three to four business days, depending on current service request levels.

More information on how this service works is provided on the upgrade information page.

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