9 bars should be enough

Posted by Stephen O'Brien on July 17, 2012 0 Comments

After a brief hiatus mypressi is back with a new web site and store. The site is a work in progress with the goal of creating a rich repository of all information relating to the mypressi TWIST. As we move forward you'll see recipes, hints, tips, travel tales, and other suggestions for how you can get the most from this curiously capable espresso maker.

It is an interesting product that has enthused aficionados for three years. The TWIST can create pressurised extractions from numerous substances, not just coffee, and it can do it with almost any liquid. The TWIST's extremely creative capabilities have been raved about by WBC champions, Michelin-rated chefs and others who use the mypressi TWIST for many things unrelated to coffee.

For now, let's cut to the chase. If you're used to push-button capsule coffee you may want to look elsewhere. But if you want to find a very cost-effective way to explore delicious extractions from the world's best beans without investing $2,000 in a high-end espresso machine then the TWIST will make perfect sense. It delivers the perfect pressure for an extraction from gas cartridges that have been available in 120 countries worldwide for the past 80 years. (See iSi, Bestwhip, Whip-It and others. Anything that makes whipped cream or soda water will work if it comes in an 8gm cartridge.) It does so with a patent-pending pressure regulator that delivers an ideal extraction at 145 psi (the Italian professional standard of 9 bars for the perfect espresso extraction).

If you're looking for a way to complement your travels with an espresso companion, you need look no further. The TWIST delivers the pressure for the job, consistently and accurately without hand-pumping or other manual shenanigans. Just pop in a gas cartridge, pour in boiling water and pull the trigger. Espresso...deliciously  creamy espresso that lingers alluringly for hours on the palate after you have finished your shot is what you'll get. Challenge it with the best possible beans you can imagine and the TWIST will give you a shot that leaves you amazed. The team at tried that with WBC judges and reported it the equivalent of a $12,000 machine.

The past few years have been an interesting time for the TWIST. Our engineers rapidly improved the TWIST through multiple versions while we improved manufacturing stability and also responded to key requests to expand its capabilities. We continue to do so and we have it here right now.

While we've worked hard in the background to continuously improve the product, our other focus has always been squarely focused on our customers. Your delight is our primary goal and we will go beyond the call. We will always continue to do so.

If you have any stories you'd like to contribute about using your TWIST, or any questions at all, please email me at We have tens of thousands of happy customers, and after years of work on the TWIST it's always a thrill to hear from everyone, including you. I hope you enjoy our products, and thank you for visiting.

So why 9 bars? Why do other machines operate at 15 bars?

That's what the next instalment is for. :)

Stephen O'Brien

Inventor, CEO, Coffee-nut

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