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Posted by Stephen O'Brien on July 25, 2012 12 Comments

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Just an update to the leaky showerhead fix… I found that a #10 (0.19") stainless steel washer (I used Crown Bolt brand from Home Depot) worked better than the 1/4" fiber washer, plus it should last longer and be non-toxic. Consider it a “V2” iteration of the fix ;-)

Posted by Kevin Fong on April 09, 2013

For those who might be experiencing a leaking showerhead, here is a simple fix that worked for me. It will fix the problem unless you have an actual showerhead that has separated (split) at the o-ring seam.

Remove the metal showerhead, and check for play in the rubber flapper by pressing up in the center of the flapper side. If your showerhead leaks, you’ll most likely notice the stub or shaft “lifts” about 1-2mm through the hole in the plastic disk.

I simply bought a 1/4″ × 0.032″ fiber washer from a local hardware store, and slipped it over the “barbed” stub/shaft. That managed to pull the flapper tighter to the plastic disk, and voila… no more leaking.

Just make sure the fiber washer is asbestos and carcinogen free! BTW, a rubber washer did not work, as it was too thick.

Good luck.

Posted by Kevin Fong on April 05, 2013

I have only had the Twist for a few weeks, but I am very impressed with it. I’m a mechanical engineer so I can appreciate a nice piece of design work, and this thing is definitely the result of lots of clever thinking and hard calculations. Really, really well designed and, equally important, well built.

(Un)fortunately, it makes better espresso than my $500 Gaggia Brera superautomatic machine at home. It’s really that good.

My one issue is this: I purchased this device because I travel so much for work and I can rarely find good espresso/coffee on travel, and transporting the N2O/CO2 cartridges on an airplane isn’t really feasible. This isn’t an issue with the design or performance of the unit, however, just in one user’s implementation.

Posted by Patrick W. on April 04, 2013

I’ve practically replaced my home machine with the twist V2. It has been my constant companion as I’ve been bounced all over the country from hotel to hotel. All I needed were the twist, a couple pounds vacuum sealed beans, scale and a Lido. And naturally some smuggled N2O cartridges of course. Bottomless only and properly preheated. No better way to do it. I’ve made espresso in an airport lounge, on a hotel balcony, at a train station, in a park, in my car, and of course at home. Magnificent product.

Posted by Brandon Sarkis on November 09, 2012

Thanks to Stephen and all concerned for making the Twist available. Customer support is the best of any product I’ve seen, an errant handle cover was replaced immediately with a simple e-mail.

What do I like better than great customer service? Great Espresso. That’s where the Twist comes in. I was pondering the alternatives to going to the coffee shop daily, so based on customer reviews that I found on-line I purchased the Twist as my best option. After a very short learning curve (not having an espresso machine previously) I developed a good process for dosing, tamping, and pulling a good shot consistently. The amazing thing about the Twist was the initial experimentation period that produced several under-extracted shots still yielded shots that mysteriously were superior to what my local baristas were providing. I don’t know what kind of process yields that result, but I’ll take it.

My son-in-law has a kitchen full of re-furbished Italian machines, and although I like the science behind their workings, I just want to be able to produce a delicious, full-bodied, and creamy espresso without the boiler, control boards, complex processes, and countertop space that it requires. The Twist does just that.

Thanks also for the ability to send the Twist in for rebuilding when it becomes necessary. Having used the Twist daily for just under a year I can say that this little piece of machinery would be hard to live without. I could resume my daily trips to the coffee shop, but it wouldn’t be easy!

My only sadness is in thinking about all of the users that dismiss the Twist thinking that there’s no way a hand-held machine could produce great espresso. Their loss, my gain!

Posted by Randy C. on October 16, 2012

Thanks for the update [on my upgrade]. Glad to hear you found the handle. Was worried that I might have sent it to the wrong address.

My mouth is watering for the next time we get to use it. Making espresso with anything other than the mypressi tastes like crap. Have tried countless other espresso machines with no luck. By far this product it the best I have tried & have recommend it to a bunch of folks.

I work for a kiteboarding mag & to say I travel a lot is a under statement. My mypressi goes with me everywhere. It goes right next to the 20k in camera equipment that I travel with. It’s been around the world a few times & all the pro athletes that I shoot on a regular basis always know that they can get a great espresso when they are hanging with me, no matter where we are.

I had to break the bad news to my GF last night that we would not have the press until next week. She gave me this look like I had just stabbed her. Thought she was going to cry. Haha


Posted by Alexis Rovira on October 04, 2012

What a fantastic product! I bless you every shot I pull. I am Neapolitan and as Italians know we are very obsessed about espresso coffee (visit Naples and you’ll see). This machine combined with good quality of coffee is able to reproduce the flavour and consistency of the coffee I can find in my town! I am very satisfied. When I heard that your business stopped I was very disappointed, so welcome back! I hope you keep producing this little machine forever. Your service I heard is also fabulous but I guess it is not available here in the UK where I live or in Europe (it is a shame, because you have many funs in the old continent). I hope one day you can also build another little machine that doesn’t need the gas, it is the only drawback of this little device, but hey nobody is perfect and I am happy like this ;).
There should be more business like yours in this world!

Posted by Pietro on September 27, 2012

Waiting for the twist burr grinder to compliment…

Posted by Falcon on September 01, 2012

I am barista trainer in Sydney Australia and as such, in my line of work i get to play with some of the most state of the art espresso equipment in the world.

after many trials i have come to the conclusion that (in the right hands of course) the mypressi delivers world class espresso which has a unique velvety finish to the bead of the crema which gives it a unique texture.

i reckon its a great design and great value for money.

Posted by tom hespe on August 06, 2012

Stephen and crew: Glad to see you are back up and running! Can’t tell you how many of hundreds of espressos and capp’s my mypressi has pushed to me and my off-road traveling buddies…but its so nice getting real espresso anywhere I happen to go!


Posted by Dan Streight aka spressomon on August 05, 2012

Glad you guys are back :) Just wondering if there going to be any new versions or products for the mypressi twist?

I’m looking at you, TWIST stand ;)

Posted by Hughie Chan on July 30, 2012

Love this little guy. I use it as my daily. I just brought back from a road trip from Texas to Utah. Stopped off in Old Town Albuquerque, NM and made some fresh stuff of the sidewalk. Got so many compliments, but I’m just simply addicted to it’s style and to the art of it. I do have a partially melted shot counter lid that doesn’t keep count anymore; this gives it so much character. Been wondering if I should replace that or not. Until then, thanks for getting me going everyday and sharing it in the company of others.

Posted by Rob Raab on July 29, 2012

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